League Rules

The following rules apply to all Lunchtime League, Tournament and Friendly games played at The Calthorpe Project.

 Teams, players and substitutes

  1. Each team must field a minimum of 4 players in order for a game to be valid. If a team is unable to field at least 4 players, they will automatically default the game and the opposition will be awarded a 3-0 win
  2. Teams may bring up to 5 substitutes. Substitutes are interchangeable at any time when there is a dead ball situation, and with the permission of the referee.


  1. All players (including goalkeepers) must wear astroturf boots. No blades, moulded or screw-in studs are allowed. Trainers or flat-soled shoes are not advised as they are unsuitable in wet weather.
  2. Shin-pads are compulsory for all players including goalkeepers. Players who are not wearing shin pads or who have incorrect footwear are not permitted to play. If this results in you not being able to field the required amount of players then you will forfeit the game 3-0
  3. Teams are required to wear matching shirts or bibs. Bibs will be provided if required.


  1. KICK OFF: Play will start with a kick-off by the ‘home’ team, as nominated by the referee, and restart after goals with a kick-off by the conceding team. The ball most move forward from all kick-off’s and teams can score directly from a kick-off. The second half commences with a kick-off by the ’away’ team.
  2. ‘THROW-INS’ AND CORNERS: Where white lines mark the field of play. When the ball goes out of bounds, a throw-in, corner or goal kick will be awarded by the referee. For ‘throw ins’, the ball is kicked from the ground. Corners are also kicked in. Goal kicks must be taken within the penalty area.
  3. PENALTY AREAS (the marked area in front of the goal): Outfield players are allowed to enter the penalty area. Goalkeepers are allowed to leave the penalty area. Only the designated goalkeeper can handle the ball within the penalty area
  4. SLIDE TACKLES are not permitted; players must stay on their feet. Players who have gone to ground are not allowed to touch the ball until they are on their feet again. Goalkeepers are allowed to go to ground within their area, provided it is not with the intention of making a slide tackle
  5. DANGEROUS TACKLES: Any tackle deemed by the referee to be dangerous will be declared as a foul, resulting in a free kick to the opposition. The decision as to what constitutes a dangerous tackle is entirely at the referee’s discretion, and shall not be called into question. A tackle that is deemed particularly dangerous may result in the offending player being sin-binned for 5 minutes. Again, this is at the referee’s discretion.
  6. HEAD HEIGHT: The ball can be played above head height. However, if the ball touches the overhead net, a free kick is awarded to the opposition. If the ball is saved by the keeper and then touches the net, play is stopped and the ball is returned to the goalkeeper.
  7. FREE KICKS: Players must stand 4 metres away from the ball when defending against a free kick.
  8. GOALKEEPERS: The goalkeeper may throw overarm or underam; the ball is thrown from any point within the penalty area. The goalkeeper may not pick up the ball from a back pass: standard eleven-side rules apply to handling the ball from a back pass.

Points System

  1. Three points will be awarded for a win; one point for a draw. Three points will be deducted for a ‘no-show’. Teams equal on points will be separated by goal difference, followed by goals scored, followed by the aggregate results between the two teams in question, followed by a play-off.

The Referee

  1. All referees’ decisions are final. Intimidation of referees will not be tolerated and will result in further action being taken by the league, up to and including expulsion of offending players and teams from the league.

Disciplinary action

  • Caution/Yellow Card: player is ‘sin-binned’ for a minimum of one minute. Two cautions will result in a red card.
  • Sending off/Red Card: player leaves the pitch immediately and takes no further part in the game. Furthermore, the players misses a minimum of two matches with further bans imposed at the Lunchtime Leagues discretion
  • Lunchtime Leagues reserves the right to ban or expel any player or team from the league or take any other disciplinary action as it deems appropriate. Lunchtime Leagues will refer serious incidents to the AFA for the consideration of further action
  • Any team knowingly playing a suspended player will forfeit that game 3-0.