Game of the day (Jan 29): Octogan vs Pujara

What an excellent match to watch, a high quality game which was end-to-end for the full 40 minutes. Octagon started the stronger of the two teams and were rewarded with an early goal.

After a slow first few minutes Pujara began to kick into gear, creating a flurry of chances which included two efforts that hit the post. Octagon managed the game well after and made it to the half with their one nil lead intact.

However after a few more chances were created by Pujara the continued pressure led to the equaliser. 1-1 not long after became 2-1 to Octagon who had 6-7 minutes to hold out.

One of the best games we’ve seen in the lunchtime leagues, with 2 really good teams cancelling each other out. Hopefully we see more games of this quality across the season.’

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